Installation of a new FM radio station will be completed in Burundi this month, through the assistance of Adventist World Radio. The station is named “Radio Agakiza,” which translates as “Salvation Radio,” and will broadcast programs in Kirundi, Swahili, French, and English. It is located in the capital city of Bujumbura, and broadcasts have the potential to reach a population of one million people in the city and surrounding area.

The project is taking place under the supervision of the Burundi Union and the East-Central AfricaDivision, and AWR is assisting with the purchase and installation of equipment.

AWR president Ben Schoun says, “In the capital cities of Africa, FM stations are an important media toolfor communicating to the masses of people. The broadcasts from this station will bring a peaceful andhopeful influence over this territory, where there has been tension and conflict. We want to expressappreciation to the government of Burundi for granting a license for this station.”
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Anonymous said...

On this website we've been reading the starting of the program for the next month for almost one year. So, when are you going to launch the program available on this website?
because we don't know when this program will be available on this website. I long to hear and see them starting today.

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