ICDB- International Children's Day of Broadcasting

Ngomoni recording kids programs for AWR-Morogoro,Tanzania

ICDB is the day when broadcasters air quality programming for and about children. But more importantly, they allow children to be part of the programming and production process, to talk about their hopes, dreams, fears and challenges in life. TV and radio play a vital role in raising awareness of children’s rights issues and a critical role in shaping children’s lives.

Young people and children are often overlooked when it comes to mainstream media. Therefore, UNICEF urges broadcasters to produce programmes that detail the plight of children, advocate and promote children’s rights as well as educate and entertain. But more importantly, broadcasters should let children participate in the programmes giving them platform to share their opinions, tell their stories and give the adults, decision-makers and general public a chance to hear the children’s perspectives and listen to their stories.

Furthermore, UNICEF encourages broadcasters to evaluate their ICDB programmes for 2009 and capture the achievements, challenges and lessons learnt. This will in turn enable broadcasters to produce better quality programming for future ICDB events.
UNICEF wants to emphasize that ICDB goes beyond just March 1 and that throughout the year broadcasters should continue to air quality programmes for children and whenever possible, include children in the process.

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Mzee wa Changamoto said...

Karibu tena Kaka Maduhu. Muda mrefu sana umekuwa kimya.
Baraka kwako na kazi njema

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