Mwanadada toka Morogoro aliyeko nchini Uingereza Jestina George Mwasumbi (aliyevaa miwani)atakuwa akiendesha kipindi cha TV kinachojulikana kwa jina la WOMAN TO WOMAN blog hii inampongeza sana kwa mafanikio haya,chini ni maelezo zaidi kuhusu na kipindi hicho.

Woman to woman is a brand new show on (Africans In London TV dot com) presented and hosted by me Jestina George. It is a programe that explores issues concerning us African women who live and work here in London and the UK as a whole.

In this show I will be talking to Celebrities, Fashion Designers, Film Directors, Film Makers, Actors & Actresses, Musicians, Politicians, and other Professionals in different expertise and not forgetting people like u out there.

If u have anything inspirational that u would like to share with us and our viewers please do not hesitate to contact us on and we will get back to you.To watch WOMAN TO WOMAN log on to click on PROGRAMS, click watch TV and once your on the page click on the POP CULTURE CHANNEL then click on POP CULTURE ON DEMAND and there u will see WOMAN TO WOMAN just click on it and click watch now at the bottom.

If you experience any problems getting access please email our technical team on or so we can help you watch AILTV.COM effectively.Thank you and welcome.

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Anonymous said...

Astaghafululah!Kaka Maduhu hivi huyu Jestina ndo yule ninaemjua mimi? Wapale Misufini,mjini moro?Nakumbuka kama tulikuwa tunasali nae!
Inshaalah ujaaliwe dada'ngu.

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