The East-Central Africa Division announces an opening for the Position of Rector (President) at the University of Central Africa (AUCA). The following is some information about this opening:

1. The position is for a Rector (President) , the chief executive for the university. This person is responsible to the overall operation of the university.

2. The Adventist University of Central Africa located in the Kigali city in Rwanda. It is operated by the East-Central Africa Division and serves primarily the countries of Rwanda and Burundi. Visit

3. The University has a current enrolment of about 2,000 students enrolled in the following programs: Theology/Religion, Education, Business Administration and Information Technology. This is a new campus for the university after the original one was destroyed during the 1994 civil war in Rwanda. The new campus was opened two year ago and is still in the process of being developed. It has faculty members trained both locally and abroad in such countries such as the Philippines, Kenya, South Africa, India, USA and other countries.

4. The languages of instruction are both French and English, but Rwanda is moving towards having English as its official language.

5. The position is opening up within a short time and should be filled soon, possibly by beginning of the school year in August 2009. Preferred candidates are those with experience in administration at some high level in higher education or education department. Knowledge of the French language is an added advantage. A full CV and, where applicable, that of the spouse will assist in assessing suitability of candidates.

6. Contact person is Dr. Hudson E. Kibuuka, Director of Education, East-Central Africa Division; Private bag Mbagathi 00503, Nairobi. Phone Number 254-20-2700690/1/2/3/4/5/6. E-mail address:

7. Please share this information with other qualified individuals who may be interested in the position.

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