"Good work, We are listening the Word of God from your Broadcasting from AWR/Tanzania. Let God bless you in His Vineyard."
Flavien in Goma,DRC
"Yes brethrens i just wanted to congratulate you for the good work that you are doingin spraeding the Word via the radio"
Wilkister in Kenya
" Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and on yesterday's teachingentitled "What Happens when Someone Dies". Infact I was just right on time fromwork when the teaching started. The teacher was Pastor Michael Twakaniki. Indeed I was very much amazed and wish this teaching could touch or rather travelto West African countries whereby the majority of them still believe ---- thedeads can do miracles, protect, hear, listen etc.
I am a West African andbefore I became born again, I also believed in all these rituals which blindedme to believe that when a person dies, that person stays around the householdand protect etc. Actually, we have different ways of believing the dead andactually talking to the dead. As a matter of fact, this seems to be a sort ofsynthrome in the West African Society.
Looking at my relatives at home, much as they are devoted and committedchristains, they still believe in worshipping lots of rituals and also believethat they are protected by those rituals. They found me mentally distorted ofrefusing to worship and believing in the dead rituals much as they are christains. You will find this very surprising but it is a fact of live. Infact, Ihave seen a true religion in Tanzania because when one says she is a pure bornagain christain, he/she is truely so.
I wish I could have the time to talk to you fiscally, explaining to you how I sawmy dead daddy and the great grand parents alive with my two eyes when I was 16years old - after one month of his burial at the sea side at midnight while theoldies where bathing my mother in the sea as a ritual ceremony in the midnight. Again, before his burial, I saw him again patrolling the sitting room and notvery much contented with the coffin that was bought for him; this also, I sawwith my two eyes at the age of 16. and sometimes, all these reflects into mymind to where and how comes that a dead person can be seen >>>> yani nimajabulakini mpaka leo hivi those mentality way of thinking is still in the society. Otherwise, your teaching is very much educative and helping even thoseunbelievers to know the truth of God's way for us. Infact, me for one,
I amso much blessed with your programs and wonder if you are working on the websiteand also having the program running for 24 hours ? My other request is some of usdo not understand the Swahili very much and somehow may prefer some EnglishPrograms too. >>> Is it possible please>>>>> May I take this opportunity to very much thank you all for the wonderful makingthe program a success. Kind regards and God bless you all."
Gladys in Tanzania
Asanteni sana kwa majibu. Mimi ni mwanafunzi katika kikuu cha Spicer India. Ninapata na kufurahia huduma yenu kupitia mtandao wa komputa.
Ninashukuru sana kwa kuniombea nibarikiwe katika masomo yangu. Ninaamini Bwana yukonami na atatimiza ndoto zangu, na sio mbali! Nawaombea mzidi kuwa wema katika kazikumtumikia Bwana Mungu.
Nimewafahamisha ndugu zetu hapa nao wanafurahia sana. asanteni

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